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About Us

The Gluten-Free Grocer is a unique shopping experience in Southern New Jersey in Williamstown, NJ.  Our goal is to make your life easier with our wide selection of gluten-free foods all in one place!​


The owner and his wife both eat gluten-free foods and before The Gluten-Free Grocer, they found shopping for great tasting items to be a chore--due to lack of selection in area stores.


Are YOU tired of gluten-free food shopping only to find a few gluten-free items on the shelves?  Then stop in to The Gluten-Free Grocer to find all your favorite gluten-free foods conveniently located for one-stop shopping and make your shopping experience a pleasant one. Make your life easier by shopping with us!


The Gluten-Free Grocer is located in the Williamstown Farmers Market.  Until further notice, we are open on Thursdays from 9 AM to 3 PM, Fridays from 11 AM to58 PM and Saturdays from 10 AM to 4 PM.  The Farmers Market has a great selection of fresh meats, produce and baked goods in addition to a Lancaster County, PA,  style restaurant.  With over 30 businesses under one roof (including speciality shops in The Village Shoppes of the Market),  why not make a visit to the Williamstown Farmers Market your next outing?!



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